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How much to build an MVP (minimum viable product)?

Recent Examples

Here are some examples of projects we worked on over the last few months. This will help you understand how pricing can vary depending on factors like size and complexity.
Community Management platform
An MVP for a Q&A platform for the beauty industry.
3 months
Arts Marketplace
Marketplace built to serve the specific needs of an Art’s niche.
2 months
API Middleware Connector
Software to seamlessly integrate several different third parties in a drag and drop interface.
5 months
Proptech Cloud
Artificial Intelligence tool that analyses several data-points related to a certain geographic area and outputs the forward-looking value of real estate assets.
6 months
An MVP for a complex AI tool that analyses public rules on securities and advises front-office bankers on their sales choices towards the different client’s profiles.
2.5 months
Social Network Mobile App
A gamified fandom centric community where humans can engage in a closer and richer way.
3 months
Massive Data Ingestion System
A robust system constantly ingesting ~5TB of new data per day, keeping consistency and allowing immediate queries to all the data set.
5 months
MAdTech Platform
SaaS for FMCGs to create & manage integrated complex online and offline promotion campaigns, reaching each customer in an (almost) personalised way.
4 months

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