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Bitwize - Professional Project Management Services

Project Management

Delivering value for your business on your terms and within your budget

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    Project Manager

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We put clients first

Whether your focus is on scalability or compliance with industry standards, what matters for the success of your business matters to your project team. We care about your long-term business goals.

Software development life cycle
Bitwize has it's own custom SDLC that's based on flexible development with regular deployments and multiple iterations. By following the continuous delivery approach, we quickly respond to changes while delivering high quality products on time.
Excellent communication
Our schedules are flexible. We account for time zone differences and set a schedule that works for you. Our project managers are always in touch, keeping you updated with reports. Each new feature is presented during a demo presentation at the end of each sprint, when the whole team reports on the work they’ve completed.
Value-driven delivery
Our project managers focus on optimizing costs by scheduling frontend and backend development simultaneously. Combined with quality assurance, this results in faster delivery and more stable products and allows us to exceed our clients’ expectations.
Lessons learned
We discuss and analyze each completed project so we can add to our knowledge base. We’re constantly improving our understanding of domains and the needs of different businesses. The lessons learned process helps us understand which strategies and procedures contributed to success and lets our project managers exchange experience.

Client-team collaboration

Frequent reporting makes our clients active participants in the development process and members of our team. Our clients know all project details, including technical details. Here’s how we deliver the results of our work.

Demo presentation
During a demo presentation, our team demonstrates the results of a sprint so that you can approve our work or request changes if necessary.
Retrospective report
A retrospective reports contains a list of problems areas identified during the last sprint and a plan for how our team is going to solve these issues in future sprints. It also focuses on what went well to consider certain approaches in the future.
Sprint report
A sprint report keeps you updated on your team’s progress with every sprint and visualizes your team’s actual performance against estimated performance.

Want to forge ahead with technology?

Tell us about your needs and challenges. Together, we can craft a powerful solution for your business.


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